Top tips to achieve a high mark in your  IELTS, FCE, CAE or CPE writing exam

Writing is one of the most difficult skills to be learnt.  Even professional writers find hard, consequently imagine merely members of the public or students that rarely practise their writing.


In order to achieve high marks in your exam  is necessary to start preparing in advance as well as dedicating yourself 20 to 30 minutes daily. Reading articles, newspapers, magazine will also help as a form of research and increase awareness about different types of topics and high frequency vocabulary.


How examiners evaluate writing


When examiners correct the tests they take into consideration several aspects of the English language. First let's understand what they look for:




  • Ensure your piece of writing is easy to understand, check if there is anything that needs to be made clearer.
  • Include all the relevant information required by the task.
  • Do not include too much unnecessary or repeated information.




  • Ensure your ideas are organised logically using paragraphs, sections or heading where necessary.
  • Link your ideas effectively using discourse markers such as however, although, additionally, therefore and etc.
  • The opening paragraph should be interesting in order to make the reader want to read more.




  • Use the correct layout for instance essay, report, informal letter and so on.




  • Use the correct style such as formal or informal. Check if the information is descriptive enough and also if the passive or active form would be more appropriate for the task.




  • The usage of correct grammar is also very important. Make sure you double check if the verbs are correct, word order, if the nouns are countable or uncountable, plural, correct structure and much more.
  • Check if you missed any words and if maybe you have used too many of them.




  • Using a variety of words would impress the examiners for instance, using words with suffixes and prefixes, more sophisticated ones that are used in higher levels  and etc.




  • Using the wrong punctuation could change the meaning of the whole sentence, therefore double check if the text is easy to understand.
  • Use the correct full stops, commas, capital letters.




  • Ensure words are spelt correctly.


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