Cambridge Advanced Certificate Preparation

ESOL Level C1

From £99

The course structure


The Cambridge Advanced Certificate Preparation Course is a high level qualification for those who wish to achieve level C1 in English. The CAE develop your skills for success and it may also be used for visa applications.


The CAE English Preparation Course runs in cycles and lasts approximately 100 hours. The duration will depend on the number of hours studied weekly.


Our teachers use extra resources to complement the course. They will  also discuss with you when is the best time to take the test, so that you achieve the best result.


  • This is a rolling course and contract. Students are required to give a 30 days notice to cancel the contract after the minimum term.
  • Watch a trial lesson before paying for the course
  • Students may start on any day.
  • No registration fee.
  • Conversation and support classes at no extra cost.
  • The course fee is not refundable or transferable. Students are liable for the entire cost of tuition.
  • Books are not included in the course fee. £35 for a student's book.
  • * In order to pay the fee in instalments students must have a valid English debit or credit card.


Option 1A




4 weeks


Study in 1 group


Student's book £35

Option 1B




4 weeks


Study in 2 groups


Student's book £35

Option 2A



per month


12 weeks minimum contract


Study in 1 group


Student's book £35

Option 2B



per month


12 weeks minimum contract


Study in 2 groups


Student's book £35

Option 3A



per month


24 weeks minimum contract


Study in 1 group


Student's book £35

Option 3B



per month


16 weeks minimum contract


Study in 2 groups


Student's book £35

Option 4A



per month


4 weeks


Unlimited Classes


Student's book £35


Group 2

*Tuesday and Thursday

19:45 to 22:00

Start date

















Group 1

*Monday and Wednesday

10:00 to 12:30





Cambridge Advanced Certificate - C1




We do not have during half terms. The next holiday is from 21/08 to 03/09. The weeks will be added at the end of the contract.

How to find us

Why CAE?

  • CAE is widely accepted by international employers and universities.
  • CAE offers proof of the English skills that education institutions and employers seek for high-achieving study and work situations.
  • From a department of the University of Cambridge.

What is CAE?

Cambridge Advanced English is a certificate which shows, that a student has the language ability to carry out complex research, communicate effectively at a professional level – and stand out from the crowd.

It is worldwide known and recognized as a certificate for high language levels.

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